Good visibility and everything is under control

Perfect visibility is crucial

Everyone has experienced the situation when suddenly visibility has become restricted and obstructed because of the rapidly changing light conditions. For example, when you ride a bike under a bright sun and than you ride into a black forest and feel like you’re heading into a black hole. Or being on a ski tour, when ordinary sunglasses do not provide enough protection from the glaring sunlight and reflections on the ascent. Or in a daily road traffic. Winding roads in a car or on a motorbike with a low sun in the sky, driving in and out of a tunnel – it happens again and again that you are suddenly blinded for a short time and thus, drive blind for a couple of seconds. According to statistics, accidents due to glare from sunlight are among the most common causes of road traffic accidents, killing hundreds of people every year in Europe alone.

Only with a good visibility you can have the situation under control. Good visibility often determines success or failure, or even life and death in extreme situations.

All the situations described above have one thing in common: they appear because the human eye cannot adapt to the lighting conditions so quickly. Is it then still appropriate to protect oneself with conventional sunglasses in these dynamic and fast-paced times? We say no.

Shadetronic® – new Standard

The new optray sunglasses from optrel sports with a unique ShadeTronic technology are made for outdoor enthusiasts. The High Tech sunglasses are never too dark and never too light.

Due to intelligent sensor technology they continuously adapt to changing light conditions in fractions of a second.

This guarantees the best visibility and you always retain full control of the situation.

Over three decades of know-how resulted in a world innovation

Wattwil-based optrel sports is part of the Toggenburg-based technology of optrel group.

The spirit of invention is deeply rooted in optrel’s corporate philosophy. More than 35 years ago, the company invented the first automatically darkening welding helmet based on liquid crystal displays and is still considered the technology leader in this market segment. Since then, millions of welders and metalworkers have entrusted their eyesight to optrel and in addition to the highest level of safety they also appreciate the incomparable wearing comfort, design and high functionality of optrel products.

The new optray sunglasses with ShadeTronic® technology combine more than three decades of know-how in the fields of liquid crystal displays, sensor technology and ultra-low-power electronics. The optrel ShadeTronic® sunglasses are a world innovation and represent the logical extension of the optrel product range.

The liquid crystal display: an original Swiss invention

The functional principle of the ultra-fast optray sunglasses with ShadeTronic® technology is based on a liquid crystal display, similar to the one used in countless electronic displays today.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology was invented in 1970 in the central research laboratories of F. Hoffman-La Roche. The flat, liquid crystal displays heralded a paradigm shift in the flat panel display industry and were licensed by Roche to the watch and electronics industries worldwide. A high-tech liquid crystal cell – an LCD – is built into the lenses of optray ShadeTronic® sunglasses.

By applying an electrical voltage the liquid crystals are aligned in such a way that they guide the neccessary quantity of
light through the LCD. Photodiodes serve as a power source and convert sunlight directly into electrical energy with which the sunglasses are then operated.

The new optray sunglasses with ShadeTronic® technology are in line with the spirit of the times, as they are energy-independent and very user-friendly.

Attention: not all self-tinting is the same.

The first so-called photochromic lenses came onto the market as early as the 1960s. Molecules incorporated into the lenses trigger a chemical reaction through UV radiation, which darkens the glasses. Self-tinting sunglasses meet a great customer need because it eliminates the hassle of changing glasses depending on light conditions. The problem with photochromic lenses, however, is that the reaction time from light to dark takes up to one minute and from dark to light up to ten minutes. Many customers are then disappointed after buying photochromic glasses because in many cases a change of glasses is still necessary. In addition, these glasses do not work in the car because the UV light is blocked by the windscreen.

The optrel Shadetronic® technology is completely different.

The electronically switched lenses adapt to the prevailing light conditions in real time.

The sunglasses compensate for the reaction time of the eye and noticeably relieve it. The result is a fatigue-free vision. Wellness for the eyes. Whether partly cloudy, sunny or in bright sunshine in the mountains or near the water: the optray is always a good companion, on the bike, in the car or under the helmet visor.

optrel sports did not invent the self-tinting sunglasses, but adapted and optimised them to the today’s needs.

100% UV protection and razor-sharp and reflection-free vision thanks to RX-polarised lenses

All optray sunglasses offer guaranteed protection against harmful UV radiation and at the same time they absorb the unpleasant reflections. These decrease the visibility and are exhausting for the eye. This restriction of visibility is caused by polarised light, which is produced during reflection. The latest RX polarization filters in optray sunglasses block the reflective radiation and enable glare-free and high-contrast vision – and that with improved color perception. What’s more, optrel’s unique RX polarization technology enables all displays to be read – in contrast to conventional polarized sunglasses.

The advantages of the optray Shadetronic sunglasses at a glance

  • Increased safety: adapts to the visibility conditions within a second. You always controll the situation.
  • Best protection: 100% UV protection.
  • No more annoying glasses change necessary: sunglasses regardless of weather conditions (category S2/S3/S4).
  • Fatigue-free vision: Reflection-free, high-contrast vision and improved colour perception due to polarised lenses.
  • Maximum user-friendliness: no need to switch on/off, self-regulating, energy-independent.

optray onyx Sonnenbrille

Automatically darkening sungalsses with ShadeTronic® technology in elegant black and with silver mirroring – for a color-neutral vision.
Available from stock

289.00 CHF

optray neon Sonnenbrille

The automatic darkening sunglasses with ShadeTronic® technology with green design elements and contrast-enhancing green mirroring.
Delivery time: approx. 3 weeks

289.00 CHF

The optray ShadeTronic® glasses are available in Switzerland, the EU and the USA. If you are interested, simply register now for the optray newsletter and we will inform you as soon as the fully automatic sunglasses are also available in your country.